Sunday, May 5, 2013

Oblivious of the Obvious

In the storm of life we sometimes forget what is most obvious and I need to lean back to remind myself of what I know so well. Apparently, it’s not an unusual problem; a whole technology has sprung up to cope with it. It’s called Big Mother technology and provides apps to replace reminding moms.  You can buy an app called Posture Track that audibly buzzes when you slouch (at the mere thought I am sitting up taller!). The HAPIfork reminds us to eat more slowly; a dental hygiene app tells us not to forget to brush and floss our teeth. There’s even one to keep us from driving too fast.

·      Indigestion after a meal? Eat slowly and savor every bite. We’ll eat less, enjoy it more and stay slimmer.

·      Eye strain after intensive reading? Blink regularly and look into the distance about every 15 minutes. I keep forgetting this one.

·      Stiff after hours sitting at the computer? Get up frequently and move about. Our bones, muscles and brain will be grateful.

·      Anger taking control of you? Don’t let it. Anger is an empty thought that someone or something has filled with emotion. It may loom infuriating at the moment, but is it worth losing your control? It would mean conceding victory to the other person. Better to remain cool and examine the situation.

·      Angry often? Consider getting a punching bag.

·      Feel lonely? Reach out to a person worse off than you. Nothing is more rewarding than helping others.

·      Depressed? Exercise vigorously. Take a walk; look at the stars, a flower, or pull out a few weeds. Smile and focus on your happy memories.

·      Lured by a sale? Spending too much? Look at your budget and your unpaid bills, and reevaluate your desire. Most likely, similar items are already crowding your closet. At least, allow yourself a couple of days to reconsider.

·      Craving possessions? Remember that everything we own, owns us. We must store it, care for it, insure it, dust it, and protect it.

·      Searching for happiness? Make others happy with a smile, an encouraging word, a helping hand. And your cup will run over.

·      Feeling discontent? Count your blessings and give thanks to be alive.

Life is all too short. Every fleeting moment is a precious gift. Savor it!

Until next time,