Sunday, July 5, 2015


Neighbors can greatly impact our lives, especially close neighbors.

Fortunate is the person whose dog never barks, whose children never throw a tantrum, or who is blessed with benevolence toward other human beings and their manifold weaknesses. That person would be the perfect neighbor.

Yet our world is far from perfect. And so are most of us. We all have days when we need to make an extra effort to be pleasant to others, especially to those who live in close proximity. A sensitive neighbor may interpret our absent-minded grumpy nod instead of our usually friendly good morning as anger and may worry all day long.

Before you sign that check to purchase a condo, be sure to visit your prospective neighbors. You may be allergic to cats, dogs, or cigarette smoke; tell them about it and ask them questions about your other neighbors.

Not long ago, the city in which our condo is located, instituted a no-smoking rule. It means you can no longer smoke in your own living space unless it’s a one-family home; no more smoking in an apartment or in your own condo. For smokers this is a great hardship. It can also be a giant headache for board members who may have to deal with complaints from non-smokers who are convinced that a bit of smoke in the hallway may be dreadfully harmful.

Another thing, before you make the final decision, be sure to read carefully the CC&Rs, By-Laws, and especially the House Rules of the condominium. You may be surprised how many rules you have to follow—or face fines.

On the other hand, if you like people, having neighbors can add greatly to your enjoyment of life.

Until next time,